heisse ecke

branding & corporate design

Development of CI, strategy and market positioning for the cult carry-out Heiße Ecke and the best currywurst in Hamburg.

what we


Heisse Ecke is the original neighbourhood carryout, and home to the original currywurst at the heart of St. Pauli. As a full-service agency, we were initially in charge of revising and redesigning the new CI. A very unique and individual style was created for Heisse Ecke, in which the past, Zeitgeist, and neighbourhood chic with '50s design elements were all combined. This resulted in the creation of all required marketing materials, from traditional to digital. We also devised various B2B concepts and were tasked with the strategic brand development of the cult carryout. For the product debut of the homemade sauces, we developed the packaging and impressive concepts for brand positioning on the market.