audi a1 product film

digital campaign

With this product film and its marketing materials, we showed how data can be used to create highly efficient content.




We were to create a product film and marketing materials for Audi A1, with a data-based approach.


"It's the data, stupid!" Data are the key ingredient of the digital age. Yet not only must data be compiled, but the right conclusions must also be drawn from them. That is what market research data, along with sales and stock figures, are integral to our content production for the Audi A1. The data were not just the basis for the conception, planning and implementation of a video production, but also for the resulting marketing materials.

what we




By interlinking Production and Marketing departments, and with a clear understanding of customer needs and desires, we created content with very high performance output. The film and the marketing materials focused specifically on the most relevant characteristics for potential buyers, such as the most popular features and USPs.