audi q2 launch

launch campaign

No drawers: we translated the large-scale #untaggable launch campaign for the Audi Q2 with digital and analogue dealer packages for the 420 dealers throughout Germany.

what we


Bold: the Audi Q2, a brand-new Audi model, was introduced by a large-scale campaign under the hashtag #untaggable. We picked up this strong campaign and brought it to life for the market. With a total of 30 different packages we offered around 420 dealerships throughout Germany various opportunities for their own, unique market debut. To do this we used the entire marketing repertoire: online applications for promotion and lead generation, attention-grabbing objects for the showroom, extensive solutions for events, guerilla promotions and innovative virtual reality applications. An online tool that we developed allows all elements of the campaign to be ordered and implemented at the dealership with ease. We defined #untaggable.