docker's pop-up fashion show

guerilla marketing

We staged a pop-up guerilla fashion show on one of Germany's busiest shopping streets to support the Dockers clearance sale promotion at the POS.




Dockers asked us to develop and implement a high-visibility promotion for POS sales at the Frankfurter Zeil.


We impressed Dockers with the idea of a lightning-fast pop-up guerilla fashion show, and got to implement this high-visibility promotion. Male models showed lots of skin, painted on Dockers lettering and, of course, Dockers products. The fashion show was held multiple times per day and, with set-up and dismantling, took about three minutes.

what we




That was really fast, and the short time was more than enough to get crowds of people watching the pop-up fashion show. Promoters then distributed discount codes to buy Dockers trousers at the POS. We thus successfully boosted sales.