cosnova l.o.v.

influencer campaign

We presented new L.O.V. products with a surreal indoor picnic for select influencers.




For product groups like cosmetics, blogger events are an ideal marketing strategy tool because the approachable superstars from a generation with great purchasing power are always looking for the perfect backdrop. That's why, "despite limited budgeting", it was an extraordinary event for conceiving and implementing the new Conova L.O.V. products.


Inspired by the magic of fairy tales, we let influencers immerse themselves in the enchanted world of our indoor picnic. Enchanted devices and exquisite floral arrangements provided a magical stage for the new L.O.V. products, and the perfect background for the influencers' photos and videos.

what we




We got around the budget limitations with this enchanting idea. With great attention to detail and a knack for presentation, we used limited means to conjure up an unforgettable, magic world that inspired the influencers to tell exciting Instagram stories.


Bloggers at the event

> 2,314

Million followers total